Alecool is the first unofficial series of the Alecool Series.

Story Edit

In 2020, a company named BrainTech developed the Artificial Intelligence. Unfortunately, Persia, leader of the Skull Bandit, stole the device and duplicated to the Terror 6. Despite BrainTech’s collapse, one worker Mark Colligan Anderson, stole a secret project prevent to be discovered, which has later become a key for his son to defeat the Terror 6 15 years later.


Team AlecoolEdit

Alecool Alec Anderson
Pad TA-0815
Tigeroid Kanan Reeves
Raceroid Justin Reynolds

Villains Edit

Skull Bandit Edit

  • Persia

Terror 6 Edit

HTA Edit

  • HTA-001
  • HTA-002

Episodes Edit

  1. The Mysterious Glove Tech
  2. My Latest INVENTION!!!

Movies Edit

  1. Alecool Hero Generations All-Star