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Kanami Eto (衛藤可奈美 Etou Kanami) is a Partner based on the character of the same name from the anime series Toji No Miko. She was a second-year middle school student of Minoseki Academy before the Toji War.

Kanami becomes the first member of Team Alecool after Anderson 's first encounter against Evolto, Karma Klan's first Revenant.


Before Daydream HeroesEdit


Same as the anime series, Kanami is a cheerful and positive girl who has many friends. She is a kenjutsu enthusiast, to the point that her eyes sparkle when someone talks about it. She especially loves sword matches and seeing how opponents devise tactics. On the other hand, her love for swordsmanship and sword fights makes her rather impulsive, often getting ahead of herself when she has the opportunity to have a good battle, facing a strong opponent.

Despite her impulsiveness when it comes to sword fights, Kanami has a great sense of morality, and is very kind-hearted and understanding even to her enemies. Kanami is brave, strong-willed and quite mature. She can realize and admit her mistakes. Under this cheerful and energetic personality, she is very smart, observant, and perceptive.

However, after the Toji War and being converted as a Partner, Kanami lost her past memories (although she cries for the loss of her friends) about her recent events but still remained optimistic and enthusiastic. With Anderson by her side, Kanami supports Anderson and her team members for unlocking her past memories.


Kanami Eto is portrayed/voiced by Kaede Hondo (本渡楓 Hondo Kaede), same as the original anime series. She also voiced Firis Mistlud, one of the original characters from the Atelier Series and one of the members of Team Cross.