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Mihono Asakura (安桜美炎 Asakura Mihono) is formerly a second-year middle school student of Minoseki Academy, same character from the anime series Toji No Miko. She's the only Toji who survived from the Toji War.


Early LifeEdit

Mihono was originated from the Gifu Prefecture, along with her childhood friend Chie Setouchi. At some point, in the Asakura Shrine, Yoshiseki Asakura, Mihono's grandfather, gave Mihono an unsharpened okatana named Kashuu Kiyomitsu(which revealed its predecessor was her deceased mother who was a former Toji). According to Miruya Kitora's visit, Yoshiseki revealed the reason why Kashuu Kiyomitsu chose Mihono due to the unsharpened of the okatana, there was a fragment which was originally penetrated Mihono's mother's body during the Great Disaster of the Sanagami Bay. After Mihono's birth, the fragment disappeared in the mother's body after several operations. Yoshiseki assumed the fragment of Kashuu Kiyomitsu is currently inside Mihono's body.

Before Daydream HeroesEdit

Two months after Yukari Origami sealed Princess Tagitsu to the Netherworld, Mihono participates in the yearly National Swordsmanship Tournament to watch the rematch between Kanami Eto and Hiyori Jujo.


Same as in the anime series, One notable flaw in her personality is she is an easily distracted girl, making it hard for her to maintain top form.

Her motto is "determined to be reckless" ("なぜばなる" Nazebanaru), which befits her optimistic and straightforward personality, and she is also quite a mood maker.


  • Kashuu Kiyomitsu - Mihono's personal okatana.


Mihono Asakura is portrayed/voiced by Himika Akaneya (茜屋日海夏 Akaneya Himika), who is famously known for the Japanese idol group iRis.