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Mokusa (舞草 Mokusa) was originally an organization that opposes Yukari Origami and aims to restore the role of okatana and Toji. Due to the Toji War, the organization was coming back to action. Unfortunately, KK leader, Dominus, destroyed it.


  • Note: The statuses of the organization's members are the statuses they had within the organization at the time it was destroyed, not their current status.
Name Rank School Status
Akane OrigamiFounder, LeaderNoneDeceased
Richard FriedmanInventor, Co-LeaderNoneUnknown
Sana ManiwaPresident, 2nd LeaderOsafune Girls' AcademyDeceased
Ellen KohaguraTojiOsafune Girls' AcademyActive
Kaoru MashikoTojiOsafune Girls' AcademyActive
Kanami EtoTojiMinoseki AcademyActive
Hiyori JujoTojiHeijou InstituteActive
Mai YanaseTojiMinoseki AcademyActive
Sayaka ItomiTojiRenpu Girls' SchoolActive
Ema HashimaPresident, SupporterMinoseki AcademyDeceased