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Sayaka Itomi (糸見沙耶香 Itomi Sayaka) is a Partner based on the same character from the anime series Toji No Miko. She was a first-year middle school student of Renpu Girls' School before the Toji War .


Before Daydream HeroesEdit

Two months after the seal of Princess Tagitsu and the reunion with Kanami Eto and Hiyori Jujo, Sayaka, along with Kaoru Mashiko, Maki Shido, and Suzuka Konohana, became one of the Origami Family's Elite Guards. She became one of the audiences who observed the rematch between Kanami and Hiyori during the National Swordsmanship Tournament.

Prequel ArcEdit

Toji No Miko: The Fate of Toji