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The Toji War is an event that takes place during the Prequel arc.


Japan after Aradama's InvasionEdit

Kanami-Hiyori return

Kanami and Hiyori returned from the Netherworld

It's been two months after the seal of Princess Tagitsu and the disappearance of Kanami Eto and Hiyori Jujo. The people of Japan are trying to restore order after Aradama's invasion while Richard Friedman is discussing the reconciliation between humans and aradama. At the same time, the two lost Toji returned from the Netherworld after met their mothers. Since then, things have changed. In the next National Swordsmanship Tournament , Kaoru Mashiko and Sayaka Itomi became a part of the elite team, along with Maki Shido and Suzuka Konohana. The rest of the Toji (including Mai, Ellen, Mihono, Chie, Kiyoka, Kofuki, and Mirja) became part of the audience who watch the rematch between Kanami and Hiyori.


The New Origami Family Elite Guards (From left to right: Maki, Suzuka, Nene, Kaoru, and Sayaka)

Karma Klan's PlanEdit

Toji's ExtinctionEdit