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Toji No Miko: The Fate of Toji (刀使ノ巫女: 刀使たちの運命 Toji No Miko: Tojitachi No Unmei) is a special episode for the series Daydream Heroes . It is one of the prequel specials for Road to Daydream Heroes.

It revolves around the fateful day in Japan, along with the stories of what happened to Kanami Eto, Hiyori Jujo, Mai Yanase, Ellen Kohagura, Kaoru Mashiko, Sayaka Itomi, and the rest of the Main Toji during that incident.

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After the destruction of Princess Tagitsu and the reunion with Kanami Eto and Hiyori Jujo , Japan is finally freed from the Aradama's control. The Toji are allowed to keep their okatanas in order to prevent similar threats. However, an unknown threat that is stronger than Aradama invaded and devoured Japan. Thus, it can nullify a Toji's utsushi and killed them immediately, resulting an incident known as Toji Massacre. To survive the incident, Kanami, and the rest of the Toji, were forced find a way to withdraw their homeland....but it is too late...






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  • This special reveals how the remaining Toji turned to Partner Tokens.
  • The first prequel that was created for explaining the rising events of Daydream Heroes.
  • To be added...